Click to enlarge<b>THE BAILES BROTHERS  2010<br> *****Brand New****

1 Dust On The Bible
2 Avenue Of Prayer
3 Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand
4 An Empty Mansion
5 I Know Something Good About You
6 Muddy Sea Of Sin
7 He Will Set Your Fields On Fire
8 Sweeter Than The Flowers
9 There's A Difference In Religion And Salvation
10 Future Holds Nothing
11 All The Way
12 Crying Over You
13 I Wanna Be Loved Only By You
14 Should I Let You Go
15 Something Got A Hold Of Me
16 Somebody's Praying For You
17 Bull Frog Boogie
18 All The World Is Lonely Now
19 Down The Valley Of The Shadow
20 Remember Me

*****Brand New****