Click to enlarge<b>Clyde Moody<br>Shenandoah Waltz<br><i>NEW RELEASE!!</i>

1 Shenandoah Waltz
2 Thereís A Big Rock In The Road
3 If You Need Me
4 I Love You Because
5 Thereís No Room In My Heart For The Blues
6 Iím Sorry If Thatís The Way You Feel
7 I Waltz Alone
8 Waltz Of The Wind
9 Paid In Full
10 Afraid
11 Carolina Waltz
12 If You Only Knew
13 Waltzing In The Arms Of A Friend
14 Little Blossom
15 Youíll Never Know What Iíve Been Through
16 Cherokee Waltz

Clyde Moody
Shenandoah Waltz