Click to enlarge<b>Wayne Raney <br> Why Don't You Haul <br>Off And Love Me <br><i>NEW RELEASE!!</i>

Wayne Raney carved a niche for himself in Country music.
Raney is one the top five harmonica players in Country music history,
a prolific songwriter, and an exceptional singer.
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1 Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me
2 Lost John Boogie
3 Burning Your Love Letters
4 Green Valley Waltz (Inst.)
5 Jack And Jill Boogie
6 The Roosters Are Crowing
7 You Are My Brother
8 I Had My Fingers Crossed
9 Real Hot Boogie
10 Cold, Cold Snow
11 I Ain't Nothing But A Tom Cat's Kitten
12 If You Never Slip Around
13 Country Express
14 Walking With The Blues Tonight
15 Can Your Hossie Do The Dog
16 Gone With The Wind This Morning
17 You Better Treat Your Man Right
18 I Want A Home In Dixie
19 Lilac Bouquet
20 Fox Chase

Wayne Raney
Why Don't You Haul
Off And Love Me